Hey Belle’s! I am beyond excited to introduce you to #WaterBelle, we worked for a year to transform the traditional, old beach towel into a functional, stylish product that helps us enjoy our many adventures in life instead of weighing us down.

Why? Well, I am a lover of all things sunshine and water. The one thing I would often leave behind while kayaking or paddling was my towel. It was the bulkiest item in my bag, I didn’t dare get it really wet, and the amount of sand I carried back with me was not always the adventure I was seeking! Who hears me?!

Beyond appreciating useful products, I have a deep calling to uplift women to take leaps – faith, business, relationships, health – leaps in LIFE! #WaterBelle was created by several of us taking a leap to inspire a community of women to excel beyond the horizon. Call this, if you will, our FUBU moment (for us, by us)!

We hope you love your #WaterBelle towel…and sand-free SUV (whoot whoot!) Now, get out there and create fun times with the people you love the most, in the places you feel the most alive – just don’t forget to grab your towel as you run out the door!

God Bless,

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” ~ Proverbs 13:12

The Artist

WaterBelle towels were designed with southern brushstrokes from the artist, Linda (aka Gigi). She has Kansas roots, was Georgia raised, and is Alabama-based…she gets us!